Tuition in Schools
Celtic Roots Community Music Academy

Tuition in Schools

We at the Celtic Roots Community Music Academy offer a variety of packages for schools. We can offer schools a bespoke package to suit particular requirements and budgets.

We believe that creative learning is at the forefront of education. We will enhance the delivery of music, geography, history, language, art and dance, as well as providing opportunities to explore and develop children’s personal and social educational skills.

Our program of study is based on the new Music Education Plan and the New Cultural Education Plan. We have been fully supported by “Musical routes” and the Wirral Schools Music Service and are delighted that they are very keen to have us as their partners. We have already received a glowing report from their quality assurance department, and we are keen for them to continue to assess our work to always maintain the standards of excellence we aspire to.

“This is the most exciting thing I have heard to come out of education in years”

- Liz Edwards (Head teacher of Rhosymedre School Wrexham)


We use the word Ceilidh (pronounced Kay-lee) in the truest meaning of the word: "Community of friends”. Children will learn historical facts of our heritage as well as learning to listen to and play with other musicians in a friendly setting. The whole experience will generate an enthusiasm and interest in looking back at how families lived and the impact that music made upon them. They will be geographically enlightened as to how Celtic music traditions differ across the British Isles and as their confidence and skill grows, their influence will inspire their peers. This will result in a regeneration of our musical traditions and a heightened awareness of our rich ancestral path. 

We at Celtic Roots understand how important it is to keep children engaged and using their creative mind set. Lessons are therefore delivered in a fun and vibrant way by fully-trained, CRB-checked community musicians and teachers, who share our passion and beliefs in teaching.