Package 4
Celtic Roots Community Music Academy

Package 4 – Early Years  

In keeping with the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (EYFS), our program encourages small children to move to music, explore their voice and build up a repertoire of rhymes, songs and games. It also encourages involvement and aids development, particularly concerning use of language, fluency of speech, listening skills, memory, co-ordination and social skills.  

Through a repertoire based on playground rhymes and songs, children will become aware of musical elements including pulse, rhythm, pitch, loudness and speed. Activities and musical games support multi-sensory learning and make the lessons fun. The music sessions are carefully structured to build the key musical skills of listening, singing in tune, inner hearing, and ultimately reading and writing music. Taught in this way, classroom music will build children’s motivation, enthusiasm and confidence, and lay the foundation for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Using carefully-chosen songs, rhymes and musical activities, we will help to cover all the main areas of the EYFS - in particular those three main areas highlighted by the recent Early Years review. Children will develop speech and language, memory, communication skills, self-esteem, confidence, self control, co-operation and listening skills.