Celtic Roots Community Music Academy

Package 3 – Taster Day – Full School   

We introduce the children to traditional Celtic musical instruments used by our ancestors with a dynamic full Ceilidh band performance. This is followed by further, more detailed demonstrations of the instruments in a classroom workshop. Different workshops can then be conducted with each year group throughout the day, incorporating the importance of music as a means of communication in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and the Isle of Man.

They will learn and experience traditional dance sequences with a Ceilidh dance caller. Stories and folk tales of our past traditions will come to life with a professional actor and they will be able to perform their own interpretation of our past. They will be involved in creating a piece of Celtic artwork and join in with a traditional musical performance using tuned and percussive instruments and the voice.

The taster day will motivate and inspire the children to continue with learning about our cultural heritage by giving them the opportunity to learn a Celtic instrument of their own choice. The aim of our lessons is to provide opportunities for children to listen to and learn to play traditional Celtic instruments in a similar manner to how it was done centuries ago.