Celtic Roots Community Music Academy


Historically, Celtic music is the music of peasant societies, rooted in work and fixed in customs. It includes folk music, often associated with the Irish tradition, but has many rich and varied sources from all over Europe. It is an oral/aural tradition passed down from generation to generation and is the music of the ordinary man, not the professional musician.

In the past, music was an intrinsic part of village life, woven into the fabric of everyday life. It was played and sung as a background to daily tasks such as cooking, weaving and spinning. Songs would be sung as lullabies and as the shouts and rhymes of the working life of sailors, lumberjacks, mountain shepherds and farmers. Music also played a great part in recreation, being used for storytelling and dance. 

Radical transformations in society such as wars, the industrial revolution, compulsory schooling and new means of transportation have all had profound influences on our musical traditions. In some isolated places, unaffected by change, music has remained in the old tradition until the present day, when recordings can now be made archives and on disks. 

We here at Celtic Roots Community strive for the regeneration of music as a ‘communal recreation,’ and with this in mind, much of our teaching is done within the Ceilidh setting (pronounced Kay-Lee).

The Celtic route to learning at Celtic Roots

Our strategy it to start at the root with young children coming with mums and dads to our Celtic Tots sessions, leading them through our mini musician classes, right through to adults of all ages. As progress develops, pupils' understanding will deepen and their influences and tastes will change. We at the Celtic Roots Community Music Academy recognize the importance of allowing an individual to move in whatever creative direction they choose. As a tree grows from its roots there is movement, it sways, and the branches twist and turn, as does an individual's creativity and preference. What may be fascinating and exciting in one moment of time may become uninspiring in the next. So we move with change and we guide our pupils into which ever direction their spirit needs to go. This is why we feel it is important that we use community musicians to share their passion for what they do and their enthusiasm to help others learn. 

All tutors have had a full CRB check and have received full training in Celtic Roots Community Music Academy policies.