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Saturday 5th November 2016 14:57


So we thought we would share some of our reviews with you here although these are all out and about on social media. Rafael Martin (5/5): Richard Stamper Wirral Music teacher, has been an excellent teacher (via Skype). From day 1 he corrected my violin position and gave me tips to practice and improve my tuning and fiddling accuracy. Not only is he great at explaining theory, but he also manages to communicate in a way that beginners can understand, which was very helpful during my first classes, we played together and he gave me some simple tunes to practice, making the learning process more enjoyable. He is a highly qualified teacher, and I would 100% recommend him to anyone willing to take violin classes, both beginners and professionals!! "Celtic roots music academy - what can I say ? I began to take lessons in playing the bodhran and penny whistle on my semi retirement last year, as a music lover but not a reader of music. What fun it has been. Lesley-ann Geary has been a superb teacher and mentor, so very patient, with a great sense of fun. I'm particularly enjoying this years sessions with much younger folk, who I am in awe of regarding their skills and personalities. Note to self... DO YOUR HOMEWORK ! Frances Mcmanus "Had my VERY FIRST VIOLIN lesson tonight with Richard. Absolutely brilliant. He had my playing my first few notes ON A VIOLIN in minutes. I thought it may take me years to get going but that's not the case. With Richards help I should be playing You'll never walk alone in week. Actually Richard kept on calling it You'll Never Walk Again, I think that's cos I was annoying him. If you wan to learn to play an instrument then your first starting point has to be either Richard or Lesley-ann" Ray McNulty "I really enjoy learning the violin with Celtic Roots, mostly because it's great fun. Really nice friendly atmosphere and a great mixture of instruments playing together. I can definitely recommend it." Marion Worthe "Lesley_Ann and Richard came to run a Ceilidh Session for our Guide unit one afternoon. They brought lots of instruments and the girls received basic instruction on each of them. They soon gained confidence to toot, strum or beat along. We joined in some country dances, then settled down to learn a piece as an ensemble. The girls (and leaders) chose an instrument and were given a part each. After practising they successfully played the tune through, amazing themselves at how quickly they had learned. Finally everyone joined in with a song led by Lesley-Ann. It was a fun and inspiring afternoon and we highly recommend a session to other groups. http://1stgrangeguides.weebly.com/holiday-guides-2015.html" " returning to music I recently decided to open my violin case after it had been shut and buried for about 40 years. I've joined Celtic Roots Music Group where everyone is friendly and encouraging. Richard is very helpful with patient instruction for tricky bits, and advice on restringing and maintenance. Lesley Ann brings an infectious enthusiasm to the sessions, even when one can only play 1 note in 4, or accidentally take the wrong whistle out of the case. We laugh, and improve our skills at the same time." Elizabeth Thornton " Outstanding Music Teacher Lesley-Ann has taught my daughter for approximately 3 years. My daughter was a beginner flautist. Under Lesley-Ann's tuition, Emily has grown into a competent and confident musician. The lessons are structured, techniques and jargan is introduced in a way that makes the learning fun. Lesley-Ann has also included and encouraged Emily to play with her other pupils as well as Celtic Roots which again adds to the relaxed and inclusive atmosphere promoted within this school. Lesley-Ann is fully trained concert pianist and woodwind specialist. With over 25 yrs teaching experience as a qualified music teacher. Her knowledge shines through, and is approachable & my child is at ease with her. I would definitely recommend!" Jan Clarke "Excellent tutors for all sorts of instruments." Andy clay https://youtu.be/w7ZO7Y3wmjw